Unexpected Results–not the titty work I like those

I am taking time today to thank Rhonda Lanell Holmes for speaking life into me today.  She helped me cope with my humanity.  Rhonda reminds me of a peacock. You see her beautiful exotic turquoise coat and she subtly saunters by, making no fuss about her beauty because it’s just who she is.  Then in … Continue reading Unexpected Results–not the titty work I like those

Podcast Party

Get your chips and dip and your pita and hummus cause we about to have a podcast party. I'm trying to get 13 people to listen to this. LOL! Making sure I don't get disappointed. 🤣 Y'all I made it to prime time. Wellllll as prime time as I have ever been, because of my … Continue reading Podcast Party


I have battled most of my life with being enough.  Whether it was being good enough, or having enough.  It wasn't just about being enough for me, but for EVERYBODY.  Anyone i met.  If i was good enough then i would be included and fit in.  I was  get with.  I would get with just … Continue reading ENOUGH